Brady Mazzola
  • By admin
  • 31March2015

Watering Seeds Organization is a non-profit organization that creates sports and recreational opportunities for wounded warriors and physically challenged individuals. WSO provides education, training, and the rehabilitation necessary to help get individuals, “off the sidelines and into the game.” We work with schools, cities, and other foundations nationwide on the very important work of informing and educating sports-related organizations and their coaches, players, and parents about the need to provide a safe and positive playing and learning environment for all participants. After reading Concussion Awareness, it was obvious to us that the goal of the author was to write a resource guide for coaches, players, and parents to follow in providing that safe and positive playing and learning environment. We would like to congratulate you. You have succeeded. We will be recommending the book at all our events and programs. We know it will be very helpful to all concerned.

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