Scott Catlin
  • By admin
  • 30March2015

We have certainly come a long way in our understanding of how blows to the head can harm the brain. Together with continued research, education, open dialogue, and books like Concussion Awareness by Mike Shaw, we can help reduce the flow of misinformation and fear that can lead to parents pulling their kids out of competitive sports. Doing so would deprive generations to come of the sense of accomplishment, thrill of competition, and camaraderie that go hand in hand with sports. I truly believe the person I am today is due, in large part, to having played competitive sports beginning in kindergarten. In hindsight, I may not have returned to practice so quickly after what I can now see were clearly concussions; however, I certainly would have still chosen to play competitive sports, even with this new knowledge and understanding. Missing out on the competition, accomplishments, memories, and relationships that were gained would be much scarier than any possible injury. This book is a must-read for anyone involved with youth sports at any level.

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