• "Understand"

    What A Concussion Is
    How To Recognize It
    How To Deal With It

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  • "Concussion Awareness"

    Examines Possible Reduction Methodologies

    Batter Swings
  • "Determine Concussion Severity"

    Are Not Limited To
    Contact Sports
    Like Football And Ice Hockey

  • "Understand The Concerns And Misconceptions"

    People Have About Concussions

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  • "Determine"


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  • "A Must Read"

    Resource Guide for Anyone in Sports

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  • "Navigate Myths and Facts"

    Concerning The Concussion Issue

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Concussion Awareness the Book by Mike Shaw

This book and Certification program is for Coaches, Athletes, Parents and Sponsors concerned about the safety for all athletes and the facts and myths concerning concussions. You learn to analyze athletes and understand when additional precautions should be taken to remove an athlete and seek medical attention after an incident on the playing field. Ignorance about concussions in sports can be eliminated to protect the health of athletes in all sports. This book provides a no nonsense explanation of facts and myths that surround concussion in sports and how coaches, parents and athletes should approach the possibility of concussions during play.

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